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Hi there!! 

Welcome to the LifeSTROKES Swim Family! We are excited to have you here! We are extremely excited about your passion to learn lifesaving swim skills. There are a few things to note, as the first time to our swim facility can be a little overwhelming for you and your little one! 

Welcome to LifeSTROKES Swim School!

Listed below are common questions and answers about our facility and program. Be sure to check out our latest updates and news on our Facebook page, Instagram, and website at

What do I need to bring?

  • We provide goggles; however, a swimmer can bring their own if preferred.

  • Please tie back long hair and remove all jewelry as these can be a distraction during class.

  • If your child has ear tubes, we suggest purchasing an Ear-Bandit, which will give a layer of protection between the water and their ears. This helps relieve the pressure the child may experience when water is over their ears and allows them to relax and enjoy lessons instead of associating swimming with pain.

  • Bring a towel for drying off after class.

**During summer months, please wash all sunscreen off your child’s face with soap and warm water before they arrive. Sunscreen can cause the goggles to irritate sensitive eye areas.

What do I need to know before the first class?

  • On the first day of your session, arrive 7-10 minutes early and check in at the front desk.

  • Read through the LifeSTROKES waiver – front and back – and sign.

  • Pick up your swimmer’s wristband color which coordinates with their instructor’s color. You can find their color by checking the monitor located on the east wall as you enter the observation area.

  • We ask for students to arrive in their swim attire so you can easily remove outer clothing to get them ready for their lesson.

  • All participants will pass through the open showers before entering the pool area. This is beneficial in maintaining healthy skin and hair as it keeps the body from absorbing so much of the chlorine in the pool water and it assists us in keeping the balance of our chemicals at safe, State approved levels. If your swimmer is nervous or timid about passing through the showers, we will work with them to alleviate their fear and build trust in us.

  • We recommend making sure your child uses the restroom prior to the start of class to avoid accidents and disruption during swim lessons.

  • The family changing rooms and locker rooms are available to dry and redress your student after class.

  • IMPORTANT: Visit our FAQs on our website for current information and procedures regarding COVID-19.

Is there a dress code?

  • We do not have a dress code for swimsuits, however, please make sure of proper fit so your swimmer can move freely in the water without restriction.

  • All children under the age of 3, or not fully potty trained, are required to wear a reusable cloth swim diaper with snug fitting elastic around the waist and legs. Disposable swim diapers can only be worn if under a reusable cloth swim diaper. If needed, swim diapers are available for purchase at the front desk for $12.50.

Can I take pictures and videos of my child during lessons?

  • Absolutely! However, because we welcome many foster children into our program, and to ensure their safety and privacy, we ask that when taking photos of your swimmer please be sure to zoom in and only capture your students in the frame to the best of your ability.

  • Feel free to post pictures, videos, and comments to our Facebook and/or Instagram page!


Am I allowed to watch my child throughout the lesson?

  • Yes, in fact, we highly encourage it and welcome family members to remain inside to observe their swimmer learn new skills.

  • We ask for 1 adult to be present in case of an emergency or to assist their swimmer when using the restroom. No parents are allowed on the pool deck while swim lessons are in session.  If a parent is needed, a staff member will come get you in the observation room or text you if you are outside.

My child may cry. How do you handle that?

It is common for children to be anxious and overwhelmed in the beginning. Being separated from you and left in the care of someone they are not familiar with can be scary. All LifeSTROKES instructors are trained to handle these situations. Experience shows that the average amount of time it takes for a child to gain our trust and become comfortable with the environment is approximately 3 weeks. Here are a few helpful suggestions to make this transition as smooth as possible for all involved:

  • Allow us to keep your swimmer in class the full 30 minutes; even if they cry or scream the entire time. We want to show them that they are safe with us AND that you will always be there when class is over.

  • Consistent attendance is vital in showing your swimmer that learning these LIFEsaving skills are important and, with or without tears, they will learn how to swim.

  • You may need to observe the class from an angle where your swimmer cannot see you. This will help them remain focused on their instructor and allows them to start building a healthy rapport with each other.

  • Stand firm if your swimmer requests to not come back and remember that little ones tend to “feed off” your emotions. We ask that you work with us to be VERY encouraging and optimistic through this transition. We are on the same team!

We will never force a skill that is not appropriate until we have earned their trust and know their capabilities.

To avoid health risks to others:

COVID:  Anyone in your immediate family showing symptoms of COVID-19, has been in contact with someone suspected of or is positive for COVID-19, or being tested or quarantined for COVID-19, will not be allowed to participate in group swim lessons. Please notify us immediately in these cases.

Sickness:  If your child has had any symptoms of diarrhea or loose stools within the past 24 hours, they are not allowed to swim due to the health risk to others if there is a fecal accident in the pool. If a fecal accident were to happen in the pool, the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department requires a closing of the pool for 30 minutes to 24 hours to get the chlorine level back to normal.

Can missed classes be made-up or refunded?

To maintain the integrity of our classes, both to content and to size, we do not offer make-up lessons or refunds for any reason. This includes illness, other activities, vacations, etc. If your child has been given doctor’s orders to not participate in swim lessons, apart from COVID, a medical credit can be applied to the next session only, otherwise the credit is forfeited.


When is payment for lessons due?

To secure your place in the schedule, we will set up a monthly payment plan that will be charged to your credit/debit card on file once a month until paid in full. You can pay by phone, text, or stop by our facility. We accept all major credit/debit cards, check, or cash.

  • Payment with a credit/debit card will generate an email notice of payment pulling/declining from your bank account. This is the ONLY notice you will receive from Heartland Portico (our payment system). It may filter to your clutter or junk folder.

What is the Withdrawal Policy?

When you register for swim classes you are reserving a spot for your child that is in high demand. By reserving this spot, you are agreeing to pay for your day and time, independent of your child’s attendance. 


  • If you withdraw from classes prior to the posted “Full Withdrawal” date & time, we will issue a full refund/cancel monthly payments.

  • If you withdraw from classes after the Full Withdrawal date & time but prior to the posted “Half Withdrawal” date & time, a one-time payment in the amount of half the session amount will be processed immediately.

  • If you withdraw from classes after the posted Half Withdrawal date & time, or thereafter, a one-time payment for the full amount will be processed immediately.


How does future registration work?

As a currently enrolled swim family, you will be given a 2-week priority registration window to enroll for the upcoming Swim Semester before open registration begins.


  • Semester 1 = Winter & Spring Sessions

  • Semester 2 = Summer and Summer Camp Sessions

  • Semester 3 = Fall 1 & Fall 2 Sessions

Although we cannot guarantee your preferred day and time, you will have the priority and convenience of registering first! You will receive a text message alert when registration opens, we also post on Facebook, Instagram, and our website, as well as signs posted inside the facility.

What about inclement weather?

  • If class is canceled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, our goal is to send out a text message or phone call at least 1 hour prior to the start of class. We do not follow the same closings as LPS. Class cancellation will also be posted on our FB & Instagram page.

  • Credits or refunds will not be given for cancelations due to weather or unforeseen circumstance cancellations.


How do I contact my child’s instructor with questions?

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns at any time regarding your child’s lessons , you can reach us by:

  • Email:

  • Call or Text: 402-421-7946

  • Fill out a Progress Report Request for your teacher, located at the front desk.


Welcome to the LifeSTROKES family! We are excited to be a part of your child’s swim journey!

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