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Ms Jessica


I became a lifeguard at our local pool in Gothenburg, NE and began teaching Red Cross swim lessons. I quickly realized I had a passion to get children comfortable in the water and started offering private swim lessons to local families.

After high school I moved to Milwaukee, WI for college. I was introduced to Swimtastic Swim School and was so intrigued by their teaching style and passion for children and how their mission was to get each child or adult comfortable in the water. I became a swim instructor there and later became a deck manager, assistant facility manager and facility manager. Through my training I was able to refine my teaching style and become nationally certified in teaching infants.

I moved back to NE and brought back with me a STRONG desire and passion for offering professional lifesaving swim lessons to families using the knowledge that I was given. I started teaching swim lessons at the Racquet Club and realized that my dream of giving professional lifesaving swim lessons to families was far beyond anything that I had seen offered to the community of Lincoln. I was introduced to Blake Collingsworth who is the founder of Josh the Otter project after he and his family experience the death of their 2 1/2 son, Josh, to drowning. It was then that I was able to start the journey of offering my skills and passion to Lincoln.

Through the connection with Josh the Otter foundation I was able to start teaching 30 swim students after work 2 nights a week from a local hotel. From there my clientele grew and my husband and I decided to purchase a home with a pool in the backyard to teach from during the summer months. Soon the demand was more than what I was able to meet on my own and I hired my first swim instructor, Miss. Jana!! We then taught from hotels in the winter months and my home pool during the summer months for two years. After the second summer teaching from our home pool it was very clear we needed a swim facility to call home. It was then in the Spring of 2012 that we moved to the 16th and Old Cheney location and have never looked back since!! We quickly outgrew that facility, so we moved across the street and expanded to accommodate our ever growing needs!! In the Fall of 2015 we unveiled our new 6,400 sq ft swim facility to all our swim families, Lincoln and surrounding communities.

I have been continually blessed by our AMAZING swim families and their support of my passion for offering LIFEsaving swim skills to Lincoln and the surrounding communities!! Without the support of God, my husband, family, staff and community this dream would never have been able to become reality!! I would love to introduce myself and amazing staff to you and show the awesome possibilities that you or your child have in the water!!

meet our LifeSTROKES family


Ms Jana

Off-Site Facilitator

| grateful gardner |

| travel + food obsessed |

| compassionate | 


Ms Jean

front desk 

| grandma of 13 |

| birding + photography |

| faith |


Ms Jill

front desk 

| gardener + sports fan |

| previous New Zealand resident |

| motivated | 


Ms Jenna

facilities manager


| passion for swim |

| kids + coffee |

| loyal | 


Miss Katelyn

front desk / instructor

| bryan college of health and science – nursing |
| french fries & ice cream |

| patient |  

| lincoln southwest |

| dance |

| easy going | 


Miss Kendall



Miss Miranda


| nebraska wesleyan university |

| singing & chemistry |

| attentive | 


Miss Kat


| N Wesleyan |

| musician |

| joyful | 

IMG_7372 2.jpg

Miss Hailey


| southeast community college |

| 80's music |

| driven |


Miss Courtney

front desk / instructor

| pre-school teacher |

| chicken nuggets |

| gentle | 


Miss Riley


| culvers dd burger basket lover |

| pit-bull/lab mix rescuer |

| adaptable | 


Miss Jayda


|  studying business at doane |

| diving board finatic |

| genuine | 


Miss Amiyah


| lincoln east |

| cheerleading|

| outgoing| 

Kat Hookman



Miss Ava


| lincoln southwest |

| loves to read |

| artistic | 

IMG_4468 (1).JPG

Miss Audrey


| leadership + management |

| music & books |

| knowledge sponge | 

Jordan M.jpg

Ms Jordan


| worship music |

| cooking |

| multi-tasker | 


Miss Rachel


| |

|  |

| | 

IMG_4567 (1).jpg

Miss Hope


|  |

|  |

| | 


Miss Beth

instructor / deck assistant

| lover of audiobooks and pizza |

| favorite color is green |

 | kind | 


Miss Maddie

instructor / deck assistant


Miss Hayley

deck assistant

| lincoln southwest |

| 3D printing |

| sweet |


Miss Tylie

deck assistant

|  |

|  |

 | | 


Miss Brooklyn

deck assistant

| believer |

| volleyball |

 | respectful | 


Miss Chloe

deck assistant

| lincoln southwest |

| rubik's cube solver |

| honest | 


Miss Reagan

deck assistant

| 12yr dancer |

| avid traveler |

| joyful | 


Miss Kenna 

deck assistant


Miss Fairlight

deck assistant

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