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spring: march 20 - may 27, 10 wks, $230


  • once weekly, 30 minute classes

  • mon - thurs I am + pm

  • small class ratio of 4:1; 90` water

  • join at anytime (will be prorated)

Swim Lessons


spring: march 24 - may 26 | 10 wks | $260 |


  • chartered towards building endurance and technique details

  • once weekly, 45 minute class

  • fridays I 4:30, 5:15 

  • join at anytime (will be prorated)

LifeSTROKES is so much more than swimming lessons. We strive to love on our students, staff, and swim families.

We are passionate about not segregating kids with special needs to individual lessons. We feel that it’s sooo good for other kids to be around students that are special and to be excepting and know we are all made differently and beautifully! And like wise it is soooo good for the special needs child to be in a environment where they see how everyone interacts together!

We are passionate about women’s ministry! Raising up the next generation to be strong, to be confident in themselves & what they can accomplish. To have a space to grow and mature.


We are passionate about giving back to the community by offering free lessons to foster students. Giving them a place of consistency when everywhere else seems to be unstable.

We love serving the Lincoln community and we’re so happy you’re here!

Swim Team
swim team


Now introducing our Preferred Swimmer Program (PSP) for the 2023 swim season! This program will offer you the convenience of having your child's day and time secured through December 2023 no matter when you enroll in the program during the 2023 swim season. Members will be automatically enrolled in the next swim session on the same day and time until December 2023 or the membership is cancelled or voided. All fees for the swim session your child is enrolled in will apply. Call or click REGISTER to enroll!


  • a fee of $100 paid annually per family and good for the 2023 year, January  through December

  • all session fees will still apply to your child's registration

  • you may join at any time throughout the 2023 year for $100 (no prorated fees) 

  • when you sign up for a day and time, we automatically sign your child up for each session on the same day and time unless you request otherwise

  • if you skip a session, your day and time will no longer be guaranteed and your membership in the program will be void

  • no refunds, non-transferable 

Open Swim


Host a Birthday Party or any other private party at LifeSTROKES! Choose a 2-hour time slot from available times on Saturday morning or afternoons.


With our professional staff, flexible scheduling, and our kid-friendly space, we are the perfect indoor activity for children ages 3 and up! 


Available during the school year on Wednesdays,

10 am - 2 pm. Swim with friends or as a family. 

Swim passes are available.

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