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"I just wanted to share a proud moment for me that would not have happened without all of you at LifeSTROKES. This last weekend, Lilly and I got scuba certified! I am sure you all know Lilly (and her brother Emerson) are fish and love being in the water all the time! Well, now Lilly can swim with the fishes! Lilly could not have accomplished this without all of you at LifeSTROKES. You have helped fuel her love for the water by making her comfortable and safe in and around water. Thank you again for all you have done for my kids and many others!"

— Tyler P.

"What a great place for lessons! The staff are incredibly helpful, the facility is beautiful and SO clean, the teachers are patient, and we are so happy to see our daughter learn to be safe and have fun in the water. The locker rooms and family changing rooms are well kept and there is a nice parent viewing area to watch our little swimmer. The process of signing up was convenient and all of our questions were answered and we could instantly tell LifeSTROKES was going to be great. It's been an awesome experience and we can't wait to take our daughter there session after session."

— Emily W.

"My daughter loves swimming lessons at LifeSTROKES. This morning I found her dressed for swimming lessons at 6:57am, and her lesson isn't until 9! Every teacher we have had has made swimming fun and has taught her life-saving skills: finding safety, floating on her back, and more. We have been coming since she was 15 months old and I highly recommend anyone to come here!"

— Heather C.

"Our 3-year-old son used to struggle with swim lessons. After trying out a few classes elsewhere and him failing, we decided to give LifeSTROKES a try. He started to excel right from the start and loves going to class. What he needed was the small class size, warm water, and experienced instructor. If we would have known from the beginning how great LifeSTROKES really is, we would have started here from the beginning! With a personal background of teaching swimming lessons and coaching high school varsity swimming, I can honestly say this place is the best!"

— Laura B.

"So many parents talk about their little ones, but my daughter started at LifeSTROKES when she was in grade school. She was in a small group with kids her own age and learned so much: floating, strokes, and basic water safety. She's now in the Friday non-competitive swim team and is doing absolutely amazing. She loves LifeSTROKES so much, she even decided to have her birthday party there. Thank you, LifeSTROKES!"

— Erica V.

"This place is an absolute treasure. I have enrolled my kids in various extracurriculars and LifeSTROKES is superlative in every way.
1. Customer Service - The front desk gals are always amazing. They're always kind, genuine, happy to answer questions/address concerns. They genuinely care about you and your kids.
2. Teachers - Wow. I can honestly say I have always felt my children are 100% safe in the teachers' hands. These teachers are knowledgable, so kind, passionate about what they do, and they are so patient. As the parent of one child who took to the water and one that took quite a while to warm up to it, these teachers are amazing at tailoring their approaches to each child. They truly care about their kids, and build a special bond with each and every one of them.

3. Facility - The building is great. There is a large lobby that has full length glass to watch the classes. There is also a TV that plays Disney movies in a little area for siblings/friends not participating in swimming lessons. There are family changing rooms, and large locker rooms as well. The facility is always pristine and neat. 

4. Class Size - My kids (2 & 4) are both enrolled in afternoon classes, and neither of them have more than 2 other children in their group. I think the largest class is 4 children. The teacher/student ratio is fantastic. There are always multiple teachers in the water, and often more than one for each small group of children.

I can sincerely say I have not found a single flaw, drawback, negative.... nothing. This place is incredible, and my family has had the best experience here. I'm so grateful!!"

— Sarah N.

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