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We know how important it is to provide indoor activities that accommodate for multiple children to stay active throughout the year. At LifeSTROKES, LLC, we offer flexible scheduling that includes Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday mornings or early afternoon classes. We can accommodate 4 – 5 students per class and have multiple classes being conducted at once for 30 minutes.


Why is swimming at LifeSTROKES, LLC beneficial to you as a daycare provider? For your daycare children, we can provide a warm (91 degree water) and safe environment for group physical activities. We are open year round, which allows for consistent swimming even in the cold winter months!


With our professional staff, flexible scheduling, and our kid-friendly space, we are the perfect indoor activity for children ages 3 and up! We are able to accommodate van loads of students within one hour of time with convenient front door parking. Our facility also has an open floor plan where your students are within visibility of your daycare staff at all times!

We look forward to teaming up with your daycare to equip the next generation with lifesaving swim skills!!

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402.421.SWIM (7946)

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