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Swim Team Camp July 13th-July 23rd

| daily for 2 weeks | 30-min camp | mon-thur |

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July 13-July 23

LifeSTROKES, 1601 Normandy Ct, Lincoln, NE 68512, USA


swim team camp | june 15 - june 25  | 8 classes | $192


  • Camps are once daily | 45-min | 2 weeks
  • Camps are offered M-Th 8:15am-9am


  • Full Refund — If you withdraw from classes two weeks prior to the session starting (not the first date of your lesson).
  • Half Refund — If you withdraw the week prior to the session starting.
  • No Refund — If you withdraw the week that the swim session begins or thereafter.

When you register, you are reserving a spot that is in high demand. By reserving this spot you are agreeing to pay for your reserved spot, independent of your child’s attendance. It is your responsibility to make sure that any other conflicts do not interfere with your swim time.

 JOIN ANYTIME!If you would like to join a session after it has started, no worries! We will prorate the cost, so you can join in the fun at any time! Please call with any questions! 402-421-SWIM(7946)


payment options: Payment is due upon registration in order to secure your place in the schedule. Once we have called to inform you of your day and time you will have 24 hours to confirm with payment. You can pay over the phone by calling 421-SWIM (7946) or stopping by our facility. We accept all major credit cards, however you can help us keep our costs affordable by choosing to pay with debit card, check, or cash. One of the following options must be chosen at time of registration: 1) Payment in full at time of registration. 2) Half of the total payment is due (for all sessions in which you are registered) at time of registration. The other half will be due no later than 2 weeks prior to the second session starting. 3) Monthly payment installments can be set up at time of registration contingent upon the sessions being paid in full before the final date of the last session for which you are registered. LifeSTROKES, LLC is authorized to take credit card payments over the phone or in person, and is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security standards.

withdrawl policy:  If you withdraw from classes two weeks prior to the first day of the session starting, (not the first date of your lesson) we will issue a full refund. Withdraw the week prior to the session starting, you will receive a half refund. If you withdraw the week that the swim session begins or thereafter, no refund will be issued. When you register your child for swim classes you are reserving a spot for your child that is in high demand. By reserving this spot you are agreeing to pay for your reserved spot, independent of your child’s attendance. It is your responsibility to make sure that your personal conflicts, such as vacations, appointments and other activities do not interfere with your swim time.

make-up lessons/refunds:

In order to maintain the integrity of our classes, both to content and to size, we do not offer make up lessons or refunds for any reason. This includes illness, other children’s activities, vacations, etc. We have found this policy provides the highest quality experience for your child. If your child has been given doctor’s orders to not participate in swim lessons, a medical credit can be applied to the next session only otherwise the credit is forfeited.

discounts: If 3 or more students in the same family, under the same household, are enrolled in the same session, a 20% discount will be applied to the session total cost. We also offer a 20% discount to our military families. If you have referred a NEW family to LifeSTROKES, LLC you will receive a $5 gift card to Target or Scooters. Referrals are only given if the NEW family mentions your referral at time of registration. Multiple discounts will not be given within the same session.

prorating: You can join lessons at any time and the cost for a swim session will be prorated. We do not prorate for personal conflicts, such as illness or vacation.

weather cancellation/unforeseen circumstance cancellation  If our classes are cancelled due to weather conditions and/or other unforeseen circumstances, you WILL be contacted via text message or phone call. In addition, an update on Facebook will be posted with our notice of the cancellation no later than one hour prior to the beginning of the first class. We do NOT follow the same closings as LPS, nor do we close for lightning as our pool is grounded. Credits or refunds will NOT be given for weather and/or unforeseen circumstance cancellations.

swim diapers: All children under the age of three, or over the age of three, but not fully potty trained, MUST wear a reusable swim diaper with tight fitting elastic waist and legs. It MUST be a snug fit to contain a fecal accident. DO NOT size up! Disposable swim diapers are not allowed in our pool for any reason. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the front desk for $12 when paying with cash or check or $12.50 with debit or credit card.

health risks:

If your child has had ANY symptoms of DIARRHEA AND LOOSE STOOLS within the past 24 hours, they are NOT allowed to swim due to the health risk to others if there is a fecal accident in the pool. Microscopic amounts of infected fecal matter can contaminate an entire pool and make others sick if they swallow the water. According to the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department, Cryptosporidium, the most common type of bacteria in diarrhea, cannot be killed quickly and can take up to 24 hours to get the chlorine level back to normal. Our UV pool system is proven to kill cryptosporidium along with other harmful bacteria and viruses. Utilizing both chlorine and UV allows us to use lower chemical content while effectively killing bacteria, fungi and viruses.

fecal accident:

In the instance of a fecal accident, the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department and Center for Disease Control require a closing of the pool for 30 minutes to 24 hours. If your student’s class is canceled due to a fecal accident, a credit will be applied to your account.

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